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Hi, and thank you for stopping by Avachoo Games. We're an independent game studio. We enjoy putting our ideas out in fun games that we hope you'll like to play. It's a passion of ours and putting a smile on faces of those who have a moment of fun is perfectly fine with us.

Briefly About Avachoo Games

Avachoo Games is comprised of an all-in-one creative team handling game concepts, game artwork, development, programming and final deployment. We're a team who loves playing and creating new 2D platformer and educational games.

Please have a look around the website for additional information and please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Indie Game Development and Online Education Production Services

Where Are We?

The core team is based in Southern Oregon, USA. There's a minimal amount, but occasional bit of work done from others in different locations. Southern Oregon is a beautiful area and we all really enjoy the outdoors too. But most of the time, we're working through code, making game graphics to make the games we put together look great and work really well.

Tools We Use

Graphics are created in Photoshop and Illustrator. We haven't found a need to create anything in the 3D space, but we do have future goals to venture into creating 3D games too. Animation is done in Moho Pro and Spriter Pro. Code is done in multiple different tools. Whether we work in HTML5 or writing Javascript to using Construct 2 and Unity, we're always after using the strongest tools for each project. Unity's 2D integration continues to get stronger and we've been moving over from prototyping games in Construct 2 to working in Unity exclusively during 2017. Music and sound effects are created using Propellerhead's Reason recording software.

Have An Idea For A Game?

It's possible we can help. We would enjoy hearing what the idea is an giving you some feedback and potentially putting together a proposal and prototype the game out if we all decide to work together. Your game idea remains yours and we'll just help make your ideas become reality.

A Few Of Our Current Projects

Escape Being Scrap

Move F.L.O.Y.D. around a factory avoiding getting
deactivated and dismantled.
—2D side-scroller—
Escape Being Scrap

Escape Being Scrap

In Escape Being Scrap, you're an out-dated droid who has been deemed valuable only for a few parts. Droids, just like you, have been gathered to be dismantled into scrap and those few parts reused for other machinery. But you have discovered that you are of use just the way you are. So, you are running through the factory floors in search of the final exit and to... Escape Being Scrap.

  • Creator: Avachoo Games LLC
  • Role: Concept, Art, Programming and Development
  • Phase: Under development
  • To Be Released: Q1 2018

Yuki the Destroyer Video Game

Keep Yuki from hitting obstacles and get
collectibles for a BIG score!
—2D side-scroller—
Yuki the Destroyer Video Game

Yuki the Destroyer Video Game

Yuki the Destroyer is an adorable kitty always running and looking for things to cause trouble. Your job is to keep Yuki safe and not allow her to get hurt by things while on her adventures. You collect things to give you lives you may lose and it's up to you how long Yuki can run collecting things. You'll need to keep her going for as long as you can to achieve a higher score than your friends.

  • Client: Yuki the Destroyer Comic Blog
  • Creator: Avachoo Games LLC
  • Role: Concept, Art, Programming and Development
  • Phase: Under development
  • To Be Released: Q2 2018

About Avachoo Games LLC

From The Beginning

Avachoo Games was started by a long time graphic designer and musician, Tom Boyles. As an avid gamer and having a couple kids who also love playing games, he started dabbling a bit with creating games his kids might like to play. To his surprise, they had ideas for games they would like to create themselves and so the start really was a dad and his kids coming up with ideas and then trying to make a playable game out of those ideas.

How Do You Test Your Games?

For now, it's family and friends. We get the games in an Alpha stage pretty quickly and have everyone run through the prototype giving feedback as they play. Progress on the games continue and several Alpha version later, we are usually ready for a Beta run. Then we allow those same family and friends to show their friends and ask for the extra help running through that version. The whole process allows us to keep working and if we get some good feedback for other additions or for things to be changed, we can usually do that all at the same time.

How Do You Build Your Games?

Photoshop and Illustrator are used in most all artwork needed for games. We started using Spriter Pro for animations (especially walk animations). For building the actual game, we started early on using Scirra's Construct 2. Unity is our choice now, although Construct 2 is certainly a great place to start and try ideas out. We're just happier with Unity's performance.

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So Why The Name "Avachoo Games"?

When the owner's daughter was just a toddler, he would say to her, "Goodnight baby girl, I love you" and she would say "I love you too", but it sounded like she was saying "Avachoo". So it's a cute little family thing that is what they started using when it was just dad and kids creating games and, well, it just stuck.

  • Location: Southern Oregon, USA
  • Email: Contact Us

Hire Avachoo Games To Help You

You have an idea for a game but no idea how to build it or where to even start? A representative from Avachoo Games would be happy to talk with you about the idea and guide you to on how to research the idea before putting any money toward the idea and turning it into a project. If, together, it looks like the idea has potential, Avachoo Games will provide you with a FREE quote on how we can help you design, build and release your game.

Help, I Have A Game Idea

We Can Help You Create Your Video Game From Your Ideas

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General Inquiries

Please don't hesitate to let us know you have questions or comments. We're happy to hear from you and we take time to respond.

“Thank you for letting me test out the game. I showed my friend and she woouldn't give me my phone back. I think you have a hit!” T.S.

What Are We Working On Right Now?

Our current projects include our own production called "Escape Being Scrap". We also have a couple new projects not ready to add to the website. We have a client project for Yuki the Destroyer for a new infinite side-scroller to promote their weekly comic.

Tech Support

We are available via email and respond as quickly as we can to any issues you may be having with our software and/or apps. When you write to us, describe as much detail as you can and we'll help you figure things out.

Contact Tech Support

“It was my fault the game was not starting up, but tech support helped me through it quickly. They were super friendly and very knowledgable about my device I own, even thought it's not one of the common ones.” S.V.

Beta Testers

If you'd like to be added to our testers contact list, contact us and let us know if you have beta testing experience and what systems and devices you have you'd like to test for us. It's not often we've gone outside our usual testing group of people, but we could have need for a few people to test release candidates to test on systems we feel may cause us trouble.

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